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Blending Board Beginners — 7 Comments

  1. Isn’t playing with color ever so much fun?!! I can tell that you seem to be enjoying yourselves!

    I do much the same sort of thing with my drum carder. I put strips of fiber in different colors onto the drum, brush it down a bit and then use some slender dowel rods to pull off the colored strips as faux rolags. Its very enjoyable and so rewarding!

    Lately, I have been on a mission; processing various Romney fleeces to spin for weaving. So no faux rolags for me right now! I am planning a whole outfit using worsted and semi-worsted handspun yarns.

    • D > The first fleece that I ever spun (J shared it with me) was a Romney : but that would have been a UK type Romney, as it was actually from Romney Marsh itself! We loved spinning that fleece, and in many ways I think that Romney is the perfect all-round hand-spinners yarn : not flat and straight like Merino, a little bit woolly – enough to give warmth and bounce but not enough to make it too warm ; a modest crimp to give it a bit of life ; lustre to brighten the white and cheer the eye, and enough length to make spinning a delight, not so long as to make it a chore. And, finally, it is very adaptable, working well as woollen-spun, worsted spun, and – most commonly, semi-worsted spun. Yup, a favourite!

  2. Lovely, lovely! One of my favorite things is blending different fibers and colors on the drum carder. I like the blending board you have, don’t have one myself , but may have to invest in one!

  3. I love seeing the different steps in the process! I approach the world more like Jonathan–I can see how the blending board gives a measure of control that would appeal to me, too.

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