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Care in the Community — 2 Comments

  1. Jonathan, one of your most beautiful posts – both in content and images. That photo shoot d Denise with sheep and landscape in background should be framed. Any chance I could get a digital copy – just for our “croft”?

    • Thank you Jacalyn, I’m so glad you like this post! It was a lovely evening, after a very long day shearing sheep (another blog post coming!) and getting very very dirty! I was in a boiler suit which, though clean that morning, was already plastered in filth, and Denise was in her lovely summer dress … What a contrast! Seeing Denise feeding the lamb like this was my reward! As to the photo, it’s not very high resolution I’m afraid, as I only had a web photo in mind, but I’ll send you what I’ve got! Tioraidh an drasd’, a’ Teacalin!

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