Over ten years we have built up the An Gàrradh Mòr flock of pedigree Hebridean sheep, registered [Flock No 06096] with the Hebridean Sheep Society.  The flock has been managed so as to maintain and promote the inherent hardiness and suitability to rough grazing for which the breed is so well adapted – and in which our Hebridean croft abounds.  The ewes have always been allowed to give birth at a place and time of their own choosing, and almost always without needing assistance. The flock has produced lambs for : direct sales of high quality Hebridean Hoggett Lamb (frozen on-the-bone cuts) ; retention or sale as breeding stock.  Fleeces have been shorn by hand and used to produce a range of high quality yarns, both hand-spun and mill-spun, for direct sales to the public.

The Big Garden Croft, Isle of Eriskay : Hebridean sheep and winter feed

The Big Garden Croft – Near Field : Hebridean sheep and winter feed

All of the ewes offered for sale are in good health, with a full set of teeth. All produced one or two lambs each in 2018, but were not tupped that autumn, pending a decision on down-sizing the flock.

Compared to modern ‘commercial’ breeds, and in common with many other more primitive breeds, Hebrideans enjoy a very long life, and are renown for continuing to produce good lambs at fifteen years old.

A good home and purposeful life for these ewes is of first importance : price offered is secondary.

Quality Pedigree Hebridean Ewes :

Offers are invited for the following mature Hebridean ewes, to include delivery within Uist (Eriskay to Berneray) and official transfer of registration at the Hebridean Sheep Society (HSS Pedigree Certificates are available for inspection) :

  • 3 No breeding ewes born 2009
    (Depending on circumstances, a fourth 2009 ewe, the alpha-female, may also be available.)
  • 3 No breeding ewes born 2010


For some years we have very successfully bred and raised pure-breed Welsumer chickens, selling fertilized eggs for hatching – and some sales of eating eggs. However, with a view to eventual retirement from crofting, we are reducing the size of our poultry business, and as a result we are offering the following for sale (prices include delivery within Uist – Berneray to Eriskay – if needed) :

Quality Pure-Bred Welsumer Chickens :

Offers are invited for the flock (about 34 birds, including 4 cockerels) or in smaller lots.  In this case of a successful offer for the entire flock, we will provide, if requested, guidance on the practical and business aspects of selling fertilized eggs for hatching.

Guide prices for individual birds are :

  • Point-of-lay hens £15 each
  • Active Cockerels, 1 year old £25 each
  • Laying hens to 3 years old £10 each


Mobile Chicken Ark – £50.00
  • Suitable for up to six adult chickens
  • Ideal for breeding trio – Cock and two hens
  • Triangular construction – very stable
  • Strong carrying rails / handles
  • Well built, very strong, and resistant to Hebridean weather!
  • Good serviceable condition – would benefit from being re-painted with wood stain


The Big Garden : Mobile chicken ark for sale

Quality Dip-Galvanized Feeders / Drinkers

£30.00 each collected, £35 including UK postage.

  • Feeder (far left) is 2.2kg capacity 30cm base and designed specifically for outdoor use. SOLD!
  • Drinker (centre) is 30cm base diameter and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. ONE LEFT!
  • Pullet feeder (riight) has aluminium base, dip-galvanized cover, designed for 16 pullets, 32 chicks, 31cm diameter overall, 32cm high. SOLD!


Galvanized Feed Troughs

£10.00 each collected, £32 for two including UK postage. 2 SOLD – 4 REMAINING!

  • Quality construction of worked and welded galvanized sheet steel
  • Anti-spill edges
  • Each trough suitable for 10 or 12 standard chickens (depending if hens have access to ends or not)
  • Used condition, stained, but clean, disinfected and no rust


Semi-Automatic Incubator

Novital Covatutto 24 semi-automatic incubator.

Price : £40 – to include thermometer and hygrometer (normally optional extras).  P+P if required – £13.75

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230V 80W ; UK 3-pin plug.

Suitable for : 70 Quail ; 24 Chicken ; 42 Partridge; 30 Pheasant ; 24-30 Guinea Fowl ; 16-20 Duck ; 12-16 Turkey ; 4-6 Goose

Automatic rotation of eggs : manually pulling/pushing blue knob causes grid floor to slide under stationary dividers, causing eggs to rotate automatically.

Incubator is in excellent condition and correct adjustment, and is complete with all parts provided when it was new, including very detailed instructions. Additionally, we are including in the auction a thermometer and a hygrometer which have been used with this incubator.


Egg Boxes (Half-Dozen)
The Big Garden & Croft : Egg Boxes

The Big Garden & Croft : Egg Boxes

3 Packs, each of 300 egg boxes – brand new and still in original packaging. Total 900 egg boxes. £60.00 SOLD

Payment can be made online by PayPal or credit/debit card.

If you have questions, or want to buy, please call us on 01878 700828 or use our Big Garden contact-us form.