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  1. Oh, aren’t they splendid! (They look enormous!) I bet they are so pleased to be able to enjoy the fresh air again.

  2. D > That’s so lovely to learn about your snow-country chickens. I can now imagine them enjoying winter sunshine. However those days will surely now be nearly over until next autumn.

  3. D- yes, you are right, the Canadian breed of chickens has very little comb or wattle for that very reason, my main breeds were selected with small combs an wattles to help in this regards as well. I do have a indoor lightly heated pen in what we call the little barn (its only little compared to the big barn) and if I closed the in an out door, I could keep the birds safe from possible frost bite nips on their combs etc but it would mean that I would not be able to allow them outside time for up to five months of my year.

    They love to come out though the snow, and sit up high on their outside roost area’s and enjoy the winter sun and fresh air an peck around. I guess I trade off the possablity of damage for them having the choice of coming out.. they are feed-water and have light an heat inside so they could choose to be inside but never do during the day other then in full lock down blizzards and we tend to drop their door access down then anyway

  4. Our Buffs are getting increasingly broody right now – and we don’t have a rooster at all!

  5. D > I was thinking about just that the other day, when I saw a photo of a cockerel with a comb that looked like it might have been damaged with frost. A small comb benefits from proximity to the warmer head: but even so if we lived in a really cold climate I would want my birds safely indoors in a carefully designed house.

  6. My flock are Welsumers and Buff Orpingtons also, but I only have a Buff rooster.

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