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    • J > Immigrant communities seem to attract self-appointed activists and advocates, usually paid-up members of the self-righteous left (I say that as a definitely unaffiliated left-of-centrist), whereas the votes of the native Gaelic-speaking peasantry is taken for granted and not considered worth investing in. And that’s by no means unique to here, is it!

  1. I guess I can’t really “like” this. We’ve had similar issues with French in Maine. About one-third of the population is descended from French Canadians, and at one time, French was spoken in many communities. Unfortunately, the powers that be stamped out French—I won’t go into details—and now not many people speak French in Maine. What a shame! We could have been a bilingual state. Sigh.

    • J > Diversity is good – though I guess everything has its limits. Scots Gaelic is still an everyday language in the Outer Hebrides and the North West Highlands. The Gaels came from Ireland 1500yrs ago, and created a kingdom of Dalradia – covering most of the West of Scotland. Even here in the Outer Hebrides, the language is not thriving as well as is Welsh in Wales – where young people are enthusiastic and inventive users of their language: in fact Welsh is more in the hands of young people than the elderly, as Gaelic is here.

      • Interesting. Yes, I think it all depends on the young people. In Maine, young Franco-Americans don’t seem particularly keen on learning French, and I think it is on its way out. Oh, well!

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