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Let there be lights! — 19 Comments

  1. Oh that shop! If my fantasy Great Britain tour ever comes true, you can bet I’ll see it in person.

      • I love the yarns too, though. Are they spun and died on your croft? I just bought some beautiful madder, meadowsweet and indigo died yarns from Shilisdair on Skye.

        • D > Yes they are all of our own growing and making. Shilasdair shop is now a franchise, as the lady who started it, back in the 1970s (when hair was long and trousers flared – or at least ours were!) now just concentrates on the dyeing itself – she doesn’t care for all the commercial side. Not long after she and her husband started their new life in Skye, mid 1970s, she produced a wee cookbook, which we bought back then, not realizing that we would eventually be following a similar path, across the water from her in Uist.

  2. That must be a relief to be able to see better. And it will show off your wonderful yarns, quality fiber, and lovely knitwear to buyers. Yay Jonathon and Denise!

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