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  1. D > Not the best of photos – I’m not a photographer. I’ll have to get J to do some for next post about the Hebridean Wooshed

  2. D > Rising cost of Euro relative to £ ? We’ve noticed an increasing number of motorhomes and campervans generally, but particularly in early Spring.

  3. Your shop looks wonderful! I love the colours of the wool – and I’m coveting those gorgeous rainbow knits on the hangers!

  4. Something has happened! Here in Mid-Wales I notice the touring camper-van park is already half-full, which is extraordinary! Is it Brexit? The pound? Are people waking up to the beauty and proximity of the Celtic Fringe?

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  6. D > Right on every count. Since the photos were taken I’ve finished stocking the ‘pigeon holes’ with skeins of plant-dyed yarns: we positioned that shelf to catch the eye of visitors stepping in. Visitors vary enormously, and some try our patience, but it just takes someone who is genuine, understands what goes into making these things, and is appreciative, for us to forget any lingering unpleasantness and delight in shared interests.

  7. What a lovely shop! That means you also get to meet new people all summer long! How exciting but I’m sure a lot of work too. Fun work though.

  8. D> Hello Cathy. The picture doesn’t show all of the loom, it actually weaves up to 42in wide (ie a so-called half-width loom). It’s a traditional cottage craft weaver’s loom, made in Sweden. We bought it second hand on a website called the Loom Exchange, and J collected it on one of his business trips in that area. It’s much bigger than necessary for weaving scarves and such like, but it was bought to allow for J to weave rugs – though he doesn’t really have much time for weaving at all.

  9. What a nice set of pictures – good luck for the season. That loom looks quite small (and doable, even for someone as useless as me!) I was thinking of getting one, but very nervous of the cost. Wish I could come and learn how to do it with you!

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