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  1. Staying on Harris we visited a deserted Norwegian whaling station. A local looking for a missing sheep told us where to enter the site. 🙂

  2. I thought it might be cold, but oh my, that color! It sweeps me away with it’s beauty!

  3. J > Hah hah! You haven’t put even a toe in the water! Looks Mediterranean, feels Arctic! But the sunshine: very very clean air, no aerosols, so light very intense and burning. Factor 60 not enough – Factor Hebrides required!

  4. J > That’s some chair you’ve got! Mind you if a sheep can get about on four legs, I can’t see how a chair could be any less advantaged. ;~)

  5. J > So pleased you enjoyed that. I might do more of these – now I’ve worked out to do them. That said, I need to time to explore!

  6. J > Not very far, not particularly hilly, but rough terrain, and no paths. It’s like being the first person to explore. After the sheep, that is! Glad you enjoyed this, Katherine!

  7. J > Gaelic has a lot of norse-viking vocabulary, as it was under the Norse crown until 13thC, if I recall correctly. The old harbour in Eriskay is called Haun – immediately recognisable to Scandinavians. Dal for valley. etc etc. Looking for missing sheep has a special purpose, and is something I love to do, though I wish I didn’t need to, especially when (very rarely) the finding is not a matter for rejoicing (it mostly is, in fact mostly the missing sheep simply reappears).

  8. J > I’m planning to develop these further so that walks like this can be followed using any smartphone with GPS (ie most) Glad you like this!

  9. So enjoyed going on that walk with you. You live in a place of beauty. And, as we would say in Maine, Queenie is some sheep.

  10. That’s very cool technology! I’ve seen this sort of map when looking for walks when we travel but I’ve never had a guided tour like the one you gave–makes it better!

  11. Thank you for sharing your photos and daily life in you exceptional landscape. I love a good looking for a missing sheep. We already miss being in Scotland. To visit the Hebrides was something new and a highlight for us. I couldn’t*t believe my eyes when we left Tarbert to go to Scalpay, how barren and almost arctic it is. On Harris we met a couple with multiple preordered tickets for the all the isles, that something we*d like to do one day.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Warm greetings from Norway,
    The Fab Four of Cley. x

  12. OH! Thank you so much for my little walkabout in that wild and wonderful land you live upon. (Your wool looks wonderful, by the way) ah…that sun…that water..bliss!

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