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100 Days, 100 Posts — 13 Comments

  1. Well done for achieving the 100 days, regardless of the outcome. I blogged every day for the first 2 years but had to wean myself off it as it was becoming too time consuming, especially as I became part of the wider blogging community – and gardened more! I certainly couldn’t find the time to post daily these days – nor to read daily posts from any of those I follow!

    • J > Thanks for sharing that, Cathy – it’s much appreciated. For me, the 100-day challenge was to help me through a difficult period, when I felt that the opportunities for self-expression and creativity were being eroded away, and all I was left with was routine tasks. Either that worked, or it’s just that it’s now Spring!

      • Oh I am pleased to hear that you have more of a spring in your step again, Jonathan. You have had health issues to contend with too, of course, and I hope they are being resolved. Writing can be such an effective means of occupying the mind, can’t it?

    • D > J does all the actual writing and editing, I just contribute ideas, thoughts, photos and very often the subject matter of the photos. So, for me, it wasn’t so much about the creativity, as simply the finding of things of significance in daily life, which here in winter can be a bit clostrophobic, discouraging. The Hebridean Woolshed shop is open now until Autumn, and we have the human contact with customers : okay some are exasperating, but most are very appreciate of what we do, and that really does help lift the spirits – along with the sunshine and absence of storms!

  2. long time reader – well done on posting every day! I really enjoy your blog, especially the wonderful photos you post, it’s amazing reading about your life, which is so far removed from mine, looking forward to reading many more 🙂

  3. That last paragraph says it all. I, too, see the value—and the beauty—in the small and ordinary. Good thing, as that is my life. 😉 Congrats on the 100 posts.

  4. I realized you were posting frequently but I didn’t see that it was every day! Very impressive–I cannot imagine being able to pull that off!

    • It started as a challenge – and turned out to be challenging. The main difficulty was the time taken up with photos and other graphics. A good photo with minimal words certainly has its place (though can be over-done), but words without photos or other illustration tend to fall flat (this being the exception that proves the rule!).

  5. I have enjoyed all your posts, but I am sure you have much you need to get done with longe days and ore daylight and many more visitors. I look forward to your posts as and when they come.

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