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  1. J > Well, Sheila, it will be called The Boat Shed, but as to having boats and using them for collecting seaweed and fishing, well that would be wonderful, but we’ve no plans (or, more to the point, money) for building a slipway. Until we’re in a position to do that, the shed will be used for storing vehicles, trailers, hurdles … and other bigger equipment. The smaller store, up by the road, will used more as a workshop. We’re building with the future in mind, though not necessarily our future.

  2. I love metal roofs. They are making great new products here that last the lifetime of the house. But where I live, they are not allowed. Yours looks great and should serve very well for that location.

      • I’m in a manufactured home park and all roofs must be composition asphalt. I don’t like them but they will not consider anything else. Since I rent the land my house is on, they make all the rules. I’ll probably sell the house this summer.

        • J > In the UK some properties are sold leasehold tenure, which is making a comeback, as developers take advantage of the shortfall in housing availability. It’s a cash cow for dodgy developers.

  3. Interesting! I had no idea that winds could gust up to 100mph in the winter on a regular basis in the Hebridean Islands. It makes me cold just thinking about it!

    Will the new shed on the shoreline be used for collecting seaweed or for fishing? Or is it for docking small private watercraft?

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