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A Battle of Wills — 8 Comments

    • D > Well that’s pretty much how we both feel too: we’ve run out of things we can do to turn things around, and we now just have to wait and let them take their course. Already, one of the missing documents has now been replaced (albeit too late to avoid emergency measures).

  1. How infuriating!! I hate the kind of paperwork boondoggles you describe and it sounds like everything is conspiring to frustrate you both! I hope it’s all been put to rest now–get outside, put your hands to labor, and enjoy each other!

    • It seemed that whatever could go wrong, would go wrong. It felt so unfair ; or rather even more unfair than life fundamentally is. But then we think of the desperate situation of so many, around the world, and realize that we really are fortunate, if our severest problems concern are the difficulties encountered in our lives becoming richer (as in diversity and interest) and more secure than they have beeen.

  2. Well life certainly is not boring for you although I do wish the challenges had a quicker resolve than it seems they do. I have no advice, how can there be when you are at the mercy of circumstance but I am cheering for a positive end and at least some respite from such things. Chris

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