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A Christmas to Remember? — 4 Comments

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  2. [J – 18hrs later] Weather forecast for Christmas Day now updated, and looking to be not Hurricane Force winds, more like Severe Storm Force. But now bad all week, starting tomorrow.

  3. I’m trying to convert C to F in my head–it doesn’t look like it’ll be terribly cold but those winds! Batten down the hatches!

    • [J+D] The weather forecast for the week ahead shows temperatures in the region 40-55 F – very ordinary for this time of year.Being by the sea – and with the benefit of the North Atlantic Drift, our temperatures are pretty steady year-round, and certainly we have very mild winters. We’re used to the winds of that speed too. There’s not a winter without at least one storm at hurricane strength – usually several, and even in between it can go on and on at Storm to Severe Storm strength for days and days – and weeks! Unfortunately it’s just after the winter solstice that we are most likely to get really bad storms, though usually we get left in peace over Christmas holiday. But this year? We have guests on their way already to stay at Carrick, and I’ve been trying to contact them to warn them that ferries are certain to be cancelled – would they like to arrive a day sooner?

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