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  2. So enjoy meeting the Hebridians– Aunty Alicia babysitting for breakfast could be a cute children’s book (in your spare time) And wild ponies, too– do you feed them or are they independent? Hope Becky continued with her art; the A is beautifully done.

    • The ponies belong to various islanders (not us, though we have grazing rights for ponies). Some owners give minimal winter supplemental feeding, I think generally none. That’s what makes them so independent – though they are not wild. Becky’s recently launched out to work in art and craft full time, though she’s struggling to find her way. These days she’s more into creative photography, but we don’t want her to lose sight of her varied talents, hence us making use of her illuminated alphabet (for which a royalty will be paid).

  3. I’m already looking differently at the many sheep around us here. Who would have thought that life in the flock would be so complicated!

    Love the illuminated A. Might this be the first of an alphabet of posts?

  4. Great story – as you have said, who would would know that a flock of sheep could have such complex relationships!

  5. J > The illuminated A is by our daughter Becky Bridge, when she was about 12 yrs old. This is the first of an entire alphabet, all originally drawn at about 2″/5cm square, with Calligraphy pen, ballpoint pen, coloured pencils and so on. Each was drawn independently on scrap paper, then cut into tiles which were pasted onto another sheet of scrap paper. I’ve scanned that sheet and then isolated each character so as to retain the irregular shape of the original.

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