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A Question of Style — 7 Comments

  1. Love the term wool-working studio. I may have to “borrow” that stateside!

    Hope your winds subside! I keep watching winds on Shetland as my trip there quickly approaches!

    • J & D > You’re welcome to do so, Jacalyn. For years we’ve struggled to come up with a concise tag-line that would neatly sum up the range of things we do and offer, as the Hebridean Woolshed. Even with this, the likes of silk, angorra, flax, and so on are overlooked ; though of course wool will always be our main focus. We thought this tag-line helped to emphasize that we are do-ers, not merely sellers of others’ works.

  2. I saw it said the wind can gust up to 75 mph! Good gravy, that sounds fierce!

    I am glad you have battened down the hatches and are safe and warm inside. Sounds like you are planning to stock up the Woolshed much more, so I am sure more spinning, dyeing, knitting and weaving is in your future. It seems that there is always something to do when it comes to fiber and yarn.

    I like this picture for advertising. That looks like handspun wool yarn too. Beautiful! The lettering shows up well against it. That looks very attractive and eye catching. Good designing!

  3. Loving the poster. And the positive attitude to just switch to indoor tasks when the weather makes it impossible to do anything outside! Hoping that the storms abate soon and that spring comes

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