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  1. This post came up as a ‘related’ post to something more current. I couldn’t resist a peek. Oof! Exhausting – though days like this must be very rewarding too. I’m off for a lie down now – worn out just thinking about your days!

    • J > That was an especially busy day! Nowadays – fortunately, we don’t get many days as hectic as that. In 2015 I retired from surveying / civil engineering [Retired as in ceasing to do something – not as in getting a pension for not doing it!] Thank heavens! That’s two-thirds of my waking (and a good part of sleeping) life recovered to use for the things D and I originally came here to do. Around the same time, in summer 2015, we finally completed the stop-start renovation of our house and all the outbuildings. We’ve also ‘let go’ of some of our peripheral crofting activities – those that were far too much work for little or uncertain results. Our days are still busy and varied, but not as full-on as they were for the first ten years here!

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