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At The Dimming Of The Day — 3 Comments

  1. I stay home most of the time. My yarny group and I all meet up each week over Zoom. We usually end up cutting up something fierce and laugh a lot. Its brought me through some tough times last year.

  2. Beautiful shots Jonathan! Makes me miss being there. Hope you and Denise are dating well through all this. California is in a mess although not as bad where we are to the north but we still go nowhere except curbside pickups for groceries and animal feed. Luckily these systems work very well.

    • J > Thank you, Jacalyn. Apart from wearing a mask when we go to the shop, and that the only options for a day off is a very local walk, daily life goes on pretty much as normal. We are lucky. You’ve had a tough year, over there, Jacalyn – we think of you very often. Pass our very best wishes to the other half – and the animals!

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