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Atlantic Shore — 3 Comments

  1. We had a beautiful day like that on this past Saturday. The weather was so mild for winter, and the sun was shining nice and bright. And just a day before that, we were having a blizzard and it was bone cutting cold with the wind blowing like freezing knives, snowing sideways.


  2. We’ve had similarly beautiful mild and remarkably still (for us) days here on the East Coast further south in Northumberland – the best weather for Christmas that I can remember for ages. What makes me chuckle (and not a little infuriated, I confess) is hearing the weather folk on the telly apologise for the disappointing weather this Christmas – haven’t they heard of the north?!! No – shhhhh – of course not – it’s the best kept secret – and you wouldn’t want to share your few miles of personal beach space with any more crowds, would you?!

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