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B is for Bluebells — 7 Comments

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  2. We have bluebells here, in the woods and the mountain areas and I LOVE THEM! So now I know you are in a world that is similar to our woods! While I am in a world of high mountain deserts.

  3. The bluebells seem to thrive in the open on Skye also – the combination of damp climate and general lack of intense sun (!) seem to suit them despite the lack of trees. The sight of fields of blue in late May (still a little early yet) is amazing.

  4. Reading your blog is a delight. Our lives run some parallels …gardens, sheep, self sufficiency. I am in Maine and truly enjoy hearing about similar lifestyles in other places. Sounds like you are both enjoying a good life…bravo! Denise from Fernwood Nursery

    • J & ,D > That’s so wonderful Denise! That’s exactly what we are motivated by in our blogging. The juxtaposition of similarity and difference is both fascinating and instructive.

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