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  1. How long has it been since you left the world of civil engineering?

  2. What lovely spinning! Very nice work!

    Yes Jonathon and Denise, I understand. It can be difficult to deal with the expense of electronics and not having the important amenities they provide. One must keep warm in the winter, but the temperature needs regulation. Foods, whether cooked or fresh, that aren’t eaten as quickly must be stored in a refrigeration unit or it goes bad and is thus wasted, though you can probably at least compost it. Being able to communicate with family and friends is certainly a priority, especially in times of an emergency. Running a farm or croft to produce saleable items necessitates being able to advertise to as large of an audience as possible through the intetnet and some type of computer.

    I completely understand the pleasure of returning back to doing something that involves simpler mechanics and is not so dependent on any outside power other than our own limbs to accomplish. I have been a hand spinner of various fibers for over 30 years; I still find it magical how the yarns draft out from the fiber mass and are transformed into something useful and beautiful. Adding twist to fiber as the glue-like component still makes me feel as if I am creating special yarn that will enrich and improve either my own or someone else’s life.

    The transformation process still amazes and fascinates me. It’s always interesting to scour and rinse the wool; I feel as if I am an archeologist digging down to the true color of the wool under the dirt, plant matter, and greasey lanolin. I love experiencing the joy of feeling the fiber become yarn in my fingers, hearing the quiet rasp of the handcarders and the soft tapping of the bobbin on the flyer as the newly spun yarn winds on. I am an a adventurer discovering color, sometimes unexpected, on the fiber and yarn in the dyepot. I feel I am an artist painting with colored yarns when I weave my handspun. There is a peaceful domestic rhythm to the whole process that brings me strong contentment.

    I am truly grateful for such blessings. These things delight me, though they are simple and perhaps small to others, they make my life better. I am sure you and Denise often feel much the same. 🙂

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