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Banish the Grey — 15 Comments

  1. Thanks for following my blog, I just sent a link to a friend in Barcelona who is an avid knitter and may be interested in purchasing your beautiful yarns!

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    • D > To get the pattern you’ll need a drill, a length of plastic pipe, a little tap for the end of it, and a bucket. Then you’ll need a bit of equipment (not yet invented – thank heavens) that can analyse the mush that drains out of my head and turn it into knitting patterns. ;~) No, as yet – and despite making these hats for about 15 years – I’ve not got round to writing it down. All I do is write out on a scrap of paper the various groups of rows – so that I have something to tick through as the work progresses. (That scrap does twice – I tick again, with a different colour pen, or backwards!)

      • Wonderful lol! Pattern aside how made stitches do you cast on and how do you decrease over the rows? From that info I shall be able to mimic you at least. Oh I have the drill and plastic pipe but perhaps all I need is a few days sitting at your knee and observing?????

      • Reminds me of stormy skies, heathery slopes and the sun breaking through into a wintery sunrise. Gorgeous ☺️

        • J >You’ll have your fill of those, in time! We might be moaning about the succession of grey days, just now, but that’s only because we actually prefer the weather when it is actually doing something ; and doing wild is definitely more enjoyable than doing nothing!

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