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Barra & Vatersay, September 2019 — 4 Comments

  1. I loved this whole post (well, except for the poor seal). It is amazing to me how you can read the construction methods used, and explain them to us lay people! I would look at the ruins and see a design for a quilt, but I don’t think I would ever notice the details of how they were built.

    My favorite of the photos is the one with long soft grasses growing over the rocks, with the water in the distance.

    I would love to come to Scotland, but if I ever did, I’m sure I would end up in the usual tourist areas and I wouldn’t have time to explore these lovely places off the beaten path, so I really thank you for this glimpse of another way of life!

  2. I think that area would be wonderful for a hermit. Almost other worldly in so many ways. I’m glad you had your motorhome so you have your warm tea and dinner. Looks quite barren of human life but the dead seal makes me a little sad. Change of scenery helps with perspective, I’m sure. Great photos. Thanks for taking me along on a trip I would otherwise not get to take. 😉

  3. I love the wonderful views, the pictures of the standing stones, and the endearing shots of Tilly and Denise. The picture of Tilly resting her head on Denise’s leg is especially sweet!

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