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  1. When I lived and worked in South Texas for a couple of years, myself and some friends took a Spanish Course. It was called Spanish Level One. After a few weeks our instructor said that since we were having difficulty with the course she would teach a special class for us. At the end of the course the main class got a certificate saying Spanish Level One. My group got certificates reading Spanish Level Zero. Somehow it killed the glory of the moment and the sense of achievement. A year later I returned to Canada where the biggest challenge is French. Spanish is still a beautiful language.

    • J > I make progress when I’m there, only to fall back when I’m not. I’m pretty good at reading – in fact I have little problems even with government tax forms and guidance notes, and books on history and culture, for example. It’s the speaking that’s so devilishly difficult. I had thought that Ion (our son-in-law) spoke Basque with our grandson, Enaut ; but when I recognized the word for a drill bit (ie the thing that makes a hole in, say, a piece of wood) and commented that it was the same in Basque as in Spanish, there was a worrying pause and questioning look, and then came the reply “But I was speaking in Spanish!” Oh dear!

  2. I have been struggling to learn Spanish as well. I use the DuoLingo app on my cell phone. Since I have no one to practice with speaking Spanish, I am really horrible. I have been trying to learn Spanish for about 3 years. Its quite a difficult thing to do, trying to get into the mindset of another language.

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