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Behind the garden wall — 11 Comments

  1. I do so love an old stone wall and it’s fascinating to see the different styles that there are around the country. Part of our ancient, eight foot high garden wall fell down just before last Christmas, after bulging ominously for many, many months. It was fascinating to see the rubble inside and know that it had been put there five hundred years ago…
    Weather aside, it’s still a feeling of being protected and enclosed from the outside world – and it looks gorgeous!

  2. A lovely place, even if the wall doesn’t quite live up to its reputation. 😉

    • J > And that’s the side that’s lowest! It’s built with lime mortar, made by firing shell-sand from the beach (there’s loads of shell fragments in the mortar). Originally, the wall was also rendered in lime – there’s 18thC poems describing the garden wall – and the adjacent big house to which it was associated – as a dazzling spectacle in the landscape. There’s a small bay on the other side of the road, and I reckon that the bay equals the wall, ie the bay was created by excvating stone and sand for the wall.

  3. J > I’ve been trying to master the art of true irony: it’s quite a discipline, involving one text, two meanings, three parties, and a talent for keeping a straight face.

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