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  1. I love Masie already! I wish we could see a close up portrait of her.

    So you are building another house to rent? A sheep barn? A storage facility for equipment? A poultry house? A cat house (as in a house for your kitties to romp around in)?

    It all looks fascinating to me.

    • J & D > It says on our to-do list ‘Barn/Byre for sheep in extreme winter weather, and at lambing, if needed’ ; but already we’re thinking of building a boat house – with boat in the undercroft (and slipway for launching) and a wonderful house over. We don’t have the wherewithal to do that, however!!!

  2. You two never stop! It’s great to see your plan coming off the page. And great to see a preview of Masie. Looking forward to following along with the project and with Masie’s progress. (Nice to see you have some glorious blue skies!)

  3. Absolutely! As I am a relatively new reader to this blog, perhaps you could describe the project?

  4. D > Last photo, bottom left. That’s J’s new little helper. Assistant photographer. Assitant drainage pipe assembly technician. Assistant egg-collector. Assistant gardener. Assistant everything. She’s follows J everywhere! Masie is our Official Pet Lamb 2018. More about her in another post, later!

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