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Betty Barbara Gregory, 1926-2017 — 16 Comments

  1. I am so sorry to hear this news. I want to offer my sympathy and condolences to you and all your family. I never met the lady, but I’ve heard so much about her from Becky. Treasure your memories. I’m glad that she passed over in the peaceful way you so beautifully describe. I’ve been there myself and I know how you feel. Kelvin

  2. My condolences, Denise. Such a likeness between the two of you. I hope Betty’s passing was a dignified and peaceful one.

    • [D] Thank you, Sandra! It was indeed both dignified and peaceful – and moving. She was very very weak, and dementia had taken its toll over five years and more. She passed away held in my arms. She couldn’t speak or see by then, and barely do more than weakly move arms and hands, but I told her I loved her, told her I would take care of everything, she could let go now and move on … and that’s exactly what she did.

      • what a beautiful description of a life moving on, condolences Denise,
        my mothers dementia has become much worse in the last month,
        take care, Frances

          • my mother and most of my family are in south east England, up to a month ago my mother was in her own sheltered housing flat with carers calling in 4 times a day, but she burnt something, no danger, something most of us can do but my brother who is in charge was away and no one called me, a cousin and family who are very close (he calls her mum) took control and they did their best but .. due to several moves my mothers memory has retracked to her main home of many years, so she has had to go into a permanent home, at the moment it is tempory while permant is being sorted out, I have considered having her with me but I’m not sure if I could cope, I’d be alone, there has also been 2 deaths in the family between christmas and new year, I’m going down this weekend for a few days, more than you asked, so no she is not on Lewis, Frances

          • [D] Frances, it needed the two of us to provide care for my mum. Only one could go out at a time, and taking her with us was frought with difficulties of every kind. Had their been just me, Mum would have gone to Sacred Heart straight away. Always here to talk if you want. You’ll find our number and email address on our website. Thinking of you – D

          • thanks Denise, that is what I was thinking, also I do not have a car so getting out would be impossible without respite carers, there is lots of back up in the SE, thanks for letting me talk, I’ve been keeping things in which I know is not good, your post just sort of made the opening, I will probably write a blog post about some when I get back, Frances
            oh ps. your blog and all posts are showing in my reader feed, 🙂

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