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  1. I haven’t figured out the Bexit thing yet. Are they trying to do what #45 is doing and cutting off everyone else or just trying to stay British. I really can’t watch the news anymore. Very, very stressful.

    • J > There are certainly some on the Leave side of the argument that are xenophobic and seem to think that the UK was a much better place before we joined EU in 1972 (it certainly was not!). Unfortunately that side – the Brexiteers – managed to dupe too many into voting to Leave. Now properly informed with facts, not lies and spin, the majority want to stay in EU and are appalled by the political shenanigans. Unfortunately, it’s the Brexiteers who have power, and won’t accept that the public need a second referendum, because they know we will want to cancel the whole damn thing!

      • I had a feeling that might be the case but we are so overwhelmed with insanity here that’s it’s hard to focus on the insanity in the rest of the world. It’s nuts out there. Thanks for helping me understand.

  2. I made up a word of my own not long ago. Its made up of beauteous, wonderful, and…….another word or two that I can’t remember right now. Anyway, it comes in very handy when I run out of positive adjectives for “Wow, that thing you made is really nice!”

    Beautemussiful. Isn’t that a great word?! I should get royalties for it every time people use it in any type of advertising.

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