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  1. Wowsah! That is some hail. Yikes, that would hurt. From what you have written, I gather that there was little damage despite the very strong winds. Did you lose your power at all? If we had that kind of storm, our power would be knocked out for a week or more.

    • J > A couple of short breaks only. Not so long ago, power outages (most just a few seconds) were daily occurences – in winter several a day, of indeterminate length. However, the electricity company has been spending £millions over the past couple of years duplicating the main N-S distribution lines through the islands, upgrading transformers, installing automatic switching. What a difference it has made! No big damage from this storm, just damage to loose stuff ; or having to go off and find things blown around. Two empty paint tubs I forgot to put in the bin were going round and round in circles in the garden, but otherwise weren’t any trouble – so got left to wear themselves out!

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