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C is for Goslings — 12 Comments

  1. There was I, enjoying the cuteness of the goose family, all the time thinking to myself – but I so enjoy roast goose…
    Life is what it is, I suppose. It’s good to know that thye have such a comfortable life with you first x

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  4. Oh how lovely! Adorable babies and plenty of new information (new to me) about geese. As I read and admired the photos, and envied you such a precious relationship with Flo, I found myself wondering what purpose the geese served on the croft. Everything must be there for a purpose, I feel. Surely not necessary as guards? Eggs, maybe? And then I reached your final sentence! I can honestly say that it hadn’t occurred to me! 😐

    • J > The one thing that grows best of all in the islands, in our climate, is grass. And geese eat grass and wee bugs, so they are perfect livestock. Easy to look after – no housing, feed containers, nothing required at all. So, what to use them for? Eggs – AMAZING! But alas few laid, few want to buy for eating – more ignorance than dislike we think, but we sell at a very good price as fertile hatching eggs. The meat is very very good (because they are semi-wild, more of a gamey flavour), but turning a live goose into meat is hard work for not much meat. So, overall, the flock is small, and we get what we get and when we get it. In the meantime, they are very entertaining and lovely characters. But still tasty. ;~)

    • J > Claire, if you have an incubator, buy hatching eggs on ebay. Raising the goslings will make them utterly adorable, friendly to you … and you won’t want to despatch them! So, if you do want to eat your own geese, buy young adult geese – preferably a pair that have already produced goslings, so are proven – and let them do the hatching and raising. You will then feel less emotionally involved with their goslings when the time comes.

  5. We haven’t raised geese, but Canadian geese come to nest on our pond, and today we found at least 10 goslings, all yellow and fluffy. Do you like having geese as a “farm” animal?

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