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Half-hour Holiday : Caolas Mòr — 9 Comments

  1. Such a lovely photo and fascinating back story of the building. I love the idea of a ‘half-hour holiday’! Is it possible for you to explore closer to the ruin? It appears there is some kind of track over there.

    • J > Thank you. There is a path that starts at the turning area (or, more correctly, the upgrade from ancient path to blacktop road stopped at the turning area!) and follows the east coast of S Uist to even more ancient settlements, abandoned long long ago. There is a mountain bothy out there.

    • J > Just do it : In the midst of your humdrum everyday – such as a trip out for groceries, just take a spontaneous turn. Don’t be put off by a ‘dud’ : spin the wheel and try again another time!

  2. And those looming, monumental outcrops of rock! Impressive and daunting all at the same time.

  3. That’s a remarkably evocative photo, J- wonderful light, and a real sense of abandonment

    • J > Thank you! I wanted to capture the vulnerability of a family trying to start here from scratch. The photo was taken with the zoom at 200mm (about 320mm for full frame 35mm camera) and as it was windy and the light weak, and no tripod (i’d gone for hay, after all!) i was asking a lot of the image stabilization. My heart goes out to those men and their families who must have felt broken when all their determination and backbreaking work came to nothing : what must they have felt when they finally left?

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