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A Cat on the Counterpane — 13 Comments

  1. I’m so glad she came in…the night-time predators are the very worst for cats. Cats seem to be yummy and easy to capture and eat.

  2. So glad Pickles relented and came in for the night. (We have the same problem with our cats sometimes, and in our woods we have foxes, fishers, and coyotes.) And what a pretty kitty!

  3. Why do cats always want to be where we don’t want them to be?! I try to keep our guest room a cat-free zone, too, which just means it is the place they yearn for above all others! Princess Pickle is beautiful–I do love a calico!

  4. Glad she deigned to return to the safety within the keep (?)
    I have to go feed a friend’s cat Tuesday who has already attacked me once. Spitting alpacas I can deal with. Cats, however, I cannot read!

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