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Cheviot Horseshoe Lace Cowl — 2 Comments

  1. I really like the looks of this one – and the model looks fantastic!
    I will trade your cool and rainy for our 5 consecutive days of 38-40 C weather right now. I escaped to closer to the coast yesterday for an all day workshop on making wool comforters from wool batting and muslin . Sort of a tied quilting technique.
    Glad you are having success with the kits! Are you also selling them in the Woolshed?

    • [D] Thank you Jacalyn – and yes we do sell in the shop as well. Wool comforters are I suspect what we call a ‘muff’. Intrigued by the ‘tied quilting’ you mention: we suspect that’s the traditional English method we use for linking the backing to a patchwork quilt (through wadding, if any), rather than the more modern technique using lines of stitching with a machine. I recall many many evenings doing that over a huge king-size quilt! A muff (if that’s what it is you’re making) sounds a bit more approachable!

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