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  1. Yummy.

    When I had more summer energy years back, I would make ripe tomato chutney, ginger/pear preserves, peach rosemary jam, fig conserve, and various other fruit preserves…Ahhh, the time and love that goes into every jar to be savored and shared during the cold months…I miss those.

    As one ages, and as a one-woman operation here, I must choose my tasks carefully. This year my famous Key Lime Pie and Geeze! Louise Pimento Cheese took center stage…and my time.

    Keep up the good work there. I look forward to reading more…Diane

    • We are already have the sense that our energies have passed their peak! Thankfully the more physical work and bigger projects (building – both new and renovations, garden layout, fencing) are done or nearly so: now we hope to spend more time doing less and perhaps having more time to think and write about what we do.

  2. I quite often use the “appearance, memory and position on the shelf” form of non-labelling but sadly they change colour, my memory isn’t as good as i think and inevitably things get shuffled along the shelf. Always seems so obvious when I put the jars on the shelf.

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