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  1. How interesting! What a lovely little home for those voles and field mice. It’s great that you are trying to keep some of that in its natural state. I think I would rather be face down in wet vegetation than face down in the mud here when my boots get sucked into the mud in the spring!

  2. how fasinating, I have many of these in my garden though I don’t think there are voles in them,
    an Iron age house ruin was exposed on Great Bernera about 20 years ago, to preserve it it was recovered with sand but after details had been taken so a replica could be built, the ruin had 2 rooms and it was thought that a single roof covered both but when building they discovered it could not be done so 2 roofs were made, it is open to the public, I have visited a couple of times,

    thanks, so now I know that the horrid grass I have is deer grass and together with the moss uncut and ungrazed they can grow to over 3 feet, this and ling heather is what my garden consisted of when I moved in, in some areas walking across the ‘grass’ areas I would sink in up to my hips, I described it as walking on duvets and when trying to clear it I sometimes wondered if I would ever find soil, on days when I feel I’m banging my head against a wall it’s good to remember what it was like,

    I think it is wonderful that you keep the vole habitat intact and of course for other wildlife, how interesting to see inside and I love the little rain doors, I had blackbirds once make a nest in a pile of privit prunings and when they had gone and I could look closer I saw they had built a roof above the nest, Frances

  3. Yes, the humble field vole could be a wonderful teacher. And I agree that this post was so interesting and informative.

  4. Absolutely fascinating. And charming! (Apart from the face down in the wet part! And I can’t blame you on that one!)

  5. They may be small and have a minute brain compared to humans, but I can’t help thinking that voles are rather cleverer than us at some things. How fascinating to see the top removed.

  6. How fascinating ! I enjoy BBC TV programmmes screened here occasionally about archaeological digs in the highlands and islands.

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