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  1. We’ve been having alternating weather like that too here in NW Missouri. Mercurial weather is very common here in the midwestern US due to the Jest Stream which can snake and shift around bringing abrupt weather changes with it.

    This past Friday we had temperatures in the low 70s. The day before it was windy and bitter and as low as 38F with thunderstorms and rainy drizzle. I never know what the weather will do in early spring. It makes planning yard work difficult.

    I am enjoying seeing your garden beds at different times of the year! It always gladdens my heart to see daffodils, flowering redbuds, crocus and tulips after the long dreary biting cold of winter. The robins are showing up here with the females plump with little ones. The earth looks so promising with green grass shoots and the trees beginning to bud. Your garden looks ready to be planted with tasty things to eventually harvest.

  2. D > Ah yes, hibernaculums (or hibernaculii). I forgot to mention that we also top up our hibernaculii. We expect there may be a hedgehog or two, but also birds use them for shelter in storms. Plus insects – at any time.

  3. I love your garden beds. I spent yesterday dismantling the cedar boxes that I had bought a few years ago that had a tongue and groove corner post and boards. They didn’t hold so after dismantling them, I used the corner posts and long outdoor deck screws to attach the board to the outside of the posts, reusing the materials on hand. The boxes are now a few inches smaller, but sturdy.

    • D > we do much the same. Here, so clise to the sea, it’s necessary to use stainless steel screws, as ordinary screws would rust up within a few months, and be irretrievable.

  4. Sounds a little like Maine weather, but substitute snow for hail. I like that shredder. Because we live in the woods, sticks too small to burn go into the woods to decompose and provide shelter for those that creep.

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