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Coronavirus Lock-In? — 12 Comments

  1. As this pandemic was moving around the world, I found myself thinking of you two and thinking, “Well, they at least should be out of all of this! I bet they are wondering what all the fuss is about.” It didn’t occur to me that you might get coronavirus “refugees” coming there and bringing illness to a place with few resources. I hope everything continues well for you and your daughters and that you have minimum disruption.

  2. Oh, so very sorry! Hope you are able to qualify for some benefit payments. Believe it or not, our stingy government is debating whether everyone should receive checks of a thousand or more. We shall see. From an above comment, I read about your worry for your daughters. Best to them! Hope you and yours come through this safe and solvent.

  3. Nothing about this is going to be easy. I see many that are relying on certain kinds of incomes facing extreme hardship ahead. I do wish I had a way to help out but am hoping to not be a burden someone else has to take care of. So we are cloistered in my tiny house, my daughter and I. She is working (willingly and happily) from home. I’m hoping their staff is not all furloughed from this as well as so many others. Hoping things work out for you somehow.

    • J & D > We’re pleased that you have company, and with your daughter working from home, there will be still a sense of structure to daily life, which is (we find) a problem if we don’t have work to do. We are certainly fortunate compared to many, as the only way that this crisis has affected us, so far, is the loss of income, and that Denise will certainly not be able to travel to Navarra to visit family : all the tickets were bought, so we’re hoping now to make a claim on the travel insurance.

      • Not seeing family is difficult. My brother and his family cancelled all their plans and hope to be able to book later. I haven’t seen him in 10 years and they were expected next week as was my son and his wife. They won’t be coming either. I get to see him maybe twice a year. Loss of income is huge! My DIL owns a preschool and is losing money she needs to pay the mortgages on it and their home. My son works with her. She has 20 of the 60 students that need watching so moms and dads can work. Some of these kids don’t eat if they don’t go to school. Being retired, like you I make a schedule for myself each day. Structure is key so I stick with it. I’ll keep sewing quilts through this. Taking walks and catching up on blogs. 🙂 So sorry to hear you are going to miss seeing the family. Maybe soon.

  4. Stay safe. The world is changing every minute. We all need to watch out for each other. Be safe. Stay healthy

  5. Terrible times, and I wish you well, guys. Hopefully the productive vegetable garden and your preserving skills will keep you well fed, at least. So many people are going to struggle to live through this. Unprecedented times

    • J > Yes, It’ll be difficult, but we we’ll pull through. We are worried more for our daughters, and more than that for zero-hours workers that struggle to support themselves at the best of times – especially those with families ; and the elderly that have no family or others to look out for them, and are generally well enough, so fall beneath the radar of the care authorities.

      • It’s a dire situation, honestly. People have stopped donating to food banks, just as those that depend on them need them most. Unimaginable.

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