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Damals und Heute — 2 Comments

  1. Hah hah hah: Twitter has published my comment that it wouldn’t publish the post, and thereby has published the post anyway. What a load of twits they are!

  2. Twitter didn’t seem to like this much and refused to publish it: couldn’t make sense of the message. Just a few years ago beards – even desiger stubble – were not just unfashionable, but considered a socially beyond the pale. After a minor remonstration with a neighbour who kicked one of our cats, I was warned by a policeman (that she summoned after retreating to her house) that my beard gave me an intimidating appearance, and if that caused alarm to said lady of delicate disposition, in a public place (and apparently our own garden wass public if in the view of the public), and not withstanding that my conduct otherwise was – he conceded – beyond reproach, I could be arrested for causing a breach of the peace!!!! Where did this happen? Not in Germany, but in Dalbeattie, Scotland. Nice blue wool jacket, but heavens that Oxford shirt was scratchy, and I hated wearing ties – my Adam’s apple look fit to pop out!

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