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  1. It’s a sad reflection of how manners and the understanding of simple courtesy seem to have changed..

  2. We briefly did air B&B hosting and enjoyed meeting people and got lucky with no damage. would it help to possibly upping the deposit so you only attract more careful people?

  3. Oh my goodness! Your most recent guest(s) did this to your property?! With no apology or any explanation?!

    If I were you, I would not rent out the cottage to this person or these people again. They can just stay somewhere else. I can certainly understand if you are both very angry.

    • D > Not angry, just resolute. We need to do more to encourage good guests to return (actually we do have quite a few who have come back year after year), and tell bad guests that they are not good enough for our lovely property – and are not welcome back.

    • J > We had guests staying at Eight Askernish for almost a fortnight over Christmas and New Year : They disregarded instructions about not using the wood stove with the door open, or using driftwood from the beach : they did both, and that’s what causes the fire to ‘spit’ : embers jumped out of the fire and burned the new carpet – which had cost us £1000. We spent the damages deposit on the best repair possible, but the carpet layer said that there is no repair which puts the carpet back to as good as new. We were told by one guest, last summer, that they’d paid the rent and they were entitled to do what they liked : which in that case seemed to mean leaving windows open, not held on a catch, in winds gusting violently at about 60mph, and driving rain in at the windows. We came very close to evicting those guests, but gave them a chance to mend their ways. In return they left a rambling viscious and libelous diatribe on Trip Advisor.

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