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    • D > They’re not as ubiquitous in the UK as they once were – at least in cities and large towns ; but there’s also the open-top variety so popular with sight-seeing tours and the (mostly foreign) tourists who use them. If you ever visit London or Edinburgh, in particular, I’m sure you’ll try one of those!

  2. I have never been able to travel to England, but I have always wanted to go. Riding in a double decker bus, touring the Royal properties, seeing Big Ben, and the famous London Bridge are all on my bucket list of things to do there.

    • J > Well I think I did all of those as a child – but not since. We had relatives in London : they took us out to see the sights. After that – 50 years or so ago – I’ve scarcely been to London at all, and then only for a work meeting. IT would be a different matter if ‘Lizzie’ asked us down to stay for the weekend – I’d even buy some new overalls for the occasion ; and Denise would take some of our lovely lemon curd for her.

  3. I’ve never been on a double decker. Glad you were able to slide some fun in.

  4. There really is something about a double decker! And a small plane for that matter. Hope your trip was worthwhile in other respects too, Jonathan 🙂

    • J > Childhood memories : top deck, front seats – but standing up, holding on to the polished chrome rail – my Mum telling me to sit down. Trolley buses, though.

    • J > Well, Sandra, I have to tell you that the plane rates as normal size for us in the islands! Takes 48 plus crew. As to the purpose of the visit, well the Consultant says he’s certain I’m suffering from chronic atypical (or was that atypical chronic?) migraine – with a very different character to what I used to suffer from childhood until we moved to the islands 15 years ago. (The classic migraines didn’t stop then completely, but became very infrequent – generally only when I went to the mainland!). Daughter Catherine says that what the Consultant is trying to tell me is that I’m weird. You can rely on your children to be sympathetic. ;~)

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