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    • J > Very mixed feelings! At one level, it seems wrong to be giving up on something that is genuinely profitable, in which we have invested money time and commitment, and is rewarding in the sense that we have decided developed our knowledge skills and judgment. At another level, we see that we are not so much giving up as adapting what we in response to changes – both imposed on us and those we want to make. After all, nothing is forever, is it? It’s better, surely, to make a change in direction like this when we can do so on our own terms and a position of strength.

    • D > There’s a possibility that we will be selling the whole flock, and some equipment, to one person, and helping them to get started in the same business – breeding good hens and selling eggs for hatching. That would be a good outcome indeed!

  2. They do have beautiful plumage! I know you may miss them a lot. But if you feel you must stop having as much responsibility, then you must do what you have to do. Life changes can be difficult, but they are not impossible either.

  3. My poultry has also downsized, though unfortunately not on a voluntary basis but courtesy of the local fox population. I love the shot of the chicks and eggs in the bucket.

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