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E is for Eden — 5 Comments

  1. What an interesting piece. Gateways and doorways are always fascinating and it was really enjoyable to read about yours. Wonderful photographs, too

  2. That is quite a place you have! On my blog, I’ll have to feature my own little modest gate and fence. Should give you a chuckle.

    • J > Gates bear witness to our lives, the comings and goings in good times and bad, the doctor’s house-call in sickness, the postman with billet-doux and bills and perhaps a cheery hello, far-flung family back home at Easter or Christmas; the undertaker and assistant with coffin, and grieving family behind. And like us, gates themselves are created, find their place in the world, and in time develop creaks and groans, the joints become loose and the whole thing begins to sag … Gates have life stories to tell – of themselves and those thay have passed by or through.

  3. Such walls as well as the wonderful gates. And the views both inside the walls and through the gates are sublime. The gates are pretty good too!

  4. I love this! It’s so fun to see all the photos of your place and to have the history laid out, both in your words and with photos. The gates are all beautiful and I especially like the photos where the gates and walls frame views of the sea.

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