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  1. An above comment put it so well: “You have Brexit, we have Trump.” Oh, my! Hard times. And I think your response hits the nail right on the head.

  2. I have been reading and listening, I get BBC radio for a hour every early morning here on the farm, I have seen it be talked about in a couple groups I am in, sharing a fair amount of each side and I can only say I feel for you and your country. It will be a hard time coming at this point and for years to come I think.

    • J & D > Democracy is very very deep rooted in the UK, and we as a nation are known for making decisions on the hoof, taking a pragmatic approach to lifes problems and opportunities, having the freedom to make our own mistakes and benefit from them. We will escape the turmoil of Brexit, and the US will shake of Trumpism, once we get to understand, and internalize, what it is about these things that are wrong, and how we are to avoid making the same mistakes again. In our view, we have failed to carry along all our citizens in our national story : we have allowed an under-class to grow and become institutionalized : as evidence of which, we’d point to the fact that it is easier and cheaper to recruit ready-made productive workers from other EU states, than to invest in those who have fallen to the bottom of our own economic pile. In doing so, we forget – at our peril – that those overlooked citizens – often as politically ignorant as they are economically handicapped – are entitled to vote ; and that there are those who would exploit that situation, viz Trump in US and Boris Johnson and the like in the UK.

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