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Eriskay Ponies at South Glendale — 5 Comments

  1. Always enjoy seeing the ponies! Your new camera does good work & you have lots of flex in exposures & focal length. Of course, going with simple beauty, the first, the actual portrait shot, is my favorite — she is asking for her modeling fee 🙂 and hoping it turns into steady work! The reductions in size kill detail, but love the close up view/detail in the shots of burrs and tangles. And the movement shown in the last, with Ms. White wanting to put the younger in place… out of her photo! You are really going to love working with that 70D! (lazy me commenting here, but I like how the colors in your plied yarn turned out – if I knew how to knit, I would be all about making myself something warm to wear!)

    • J > Well that;s very interesting. i agree with everything you say about the qualities of the different photos. I haven’t really got to grips with taking good pictures of animals that are constantly moving (What is that old saying about never working with children or animals?), so I wasn’t able to get the correct depth of field, or frame perfectly. I took photos as RAW and JPG, both at twice the size (4x the pixel count) I use for the website, so that I could if necessary crop down and still have a decent resolution. But, as I say, it’s the control of depth of field which I need to get better at. With the old 50e film camera there was a little square in the top right cornere of the viewfinder : if you looked at that square, then the lens shut down to check depth of field ; and it also had a feature where you looked at the nearest subject that you wanted in focus, then you looked at the second for furthest away then looked at the subject to be used for weighted metering, and the camera did all the calculating and set the settings. Even the D30 had a rather cruder depth of field setting (much less useful), and yet the 70D has no such thing, and I’m having to relearn how to do it from basic rules of photography and trial and error (hopefully less error with time). So, I’ve got to work at technique and also the workflow, so I can get the most out of the 70D in the time I have available for these things. Thanks so much for taking an interest in this and taking the time to comment.

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