Ewesful skills — 11 Comments

  1. Ewe left me feeling a little sheepish as I blushed and chortled at your joke. Having retired some years ago and taken to in-depth observation of what occurs within I can identify with Queenie. She is fortunate to have you.

  2. Love the characters you bring out in these sheep. It’s like the mutton version of Eastenders..

  3. A very moving series of posts. Animals have emotions and can look as dejected or happy as any human. When our Liam went blind, he stopped eating for a while and actual lost weight. We figured he was depressed, and I expect he was. Anyway, as I’ve written before, my heart goes out to Queenie.

  4. So the sheep also scrabble with the hens and geese for their food ? that’s how the photo looks to me anyway.

    Yes I have experienced unemployment, when I was single. It is really scary. Minimal dole income and skills ignored. Horrible … awful….

  5. Poor Queenie! I notice the same changes from time to time in our flock of hens. For the most part, pecking order stays the same, but when something changes (like the season), then the order can as well.

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