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Fading away to invisibility  — 16 Comments

  1. Must admit, haven’t seen you on my reader for a while. thought I would search for you after you left a comment on my blog. This explains it. All the best. Karen

  2. I wonder why I always get the comment your site is not secure? I’m sure this prevent many readers to send a comment: I klick “Send” and WP advice me, your site is not secure, “Are you sure you want to send?”

    • It’s really annoying! There’s a big push towards using https: for everything, but it costs additional annual fees – for each site (and we have several)!! (These warnings only started appearing fairly recently.) Current recommendations are that https: is justified only if your site involves transactions that handle sensitive data. Commenting provides your WordPress ID only, and if that’s of concern to anyone, they really shouldn’t be on WordPress or any kind of social media! This doesn’t apply if a wordpress account is not ‘self-hosted’ – ie it’s one hosted by WordPress itself.

  3. I’m sorry to see that you have problems with the reader. Unfortunately, I’m familiar with this kind of frustrating problems… On two occasions we have posted an article and it didn’t not show up in the reader. Totally frustrated I copied the post, pasted it and reposted it. 10 minutes later the original post suddenly appeared ( i know about the time delay and it had nothing to do with it) and we had delate one, with comments and all.
    Hope it’s all sorted out now!
    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday. x

  4. I am receiving by email ok, but not on my reader, until this one, so hopefully fingers crossed for you, all is resolved.

    • It seems to be now – but perhaps only until next time. The WP team did say they’ve made a note of how to unblock the blogjam, so hopefully next time (if there is one) it’ll not be so frustrating!

  5. You are appearing in my Reader, but I just got a warning message when writing this comment to say the method used to submit it is insecure.

    • J: It’s fixed – for now! The warning is something else that seems to have gone wrong – apparently spontaneously. I’ve seen a warning about SSL not being active, even though I migrated to SSL some months ago. It’ll have to wait for the new computers!

  6. Jonathan: Appeased? In fairness to WordPress, during another chat session (initiated, again, by me), they did get things moving again, though by what means I have no idea. There was also a tacit admission that they don’t know what the cause, that there’s nothing wrong with our website, and that this fix is probably not permanent. At least they did say that they would be ready to repeat the fix if necessary.

  7. I too have had problems with them. My eldest son has his own server so he took over my support and somehow I can still use their template but not their server.

  8. Oh my, I have had very good luck with WordPress. I am sorry, these things are extremely frustrating. Is your “theme” outdated perhaps? (I think that is what they call the format that you choose for presenting the blog).

    • The theme is one of the major themes used by professional web designers and is well supported. Problem is only found in WordPress Reader, and only in Followed Sites view. Aaaagh!!!

  9. How frustrating for you both. I have had no problems with wordpress during my relatively short acquaintance with it – but that’s no help to you! I hope you won’t fade away to nothing! 😮

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