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  1. I find the kelp doesn’t last as long as the bladderwrack either. The ribbon bits vanish really quickly. The stems last a bit longer and the dogs love them but are not encouraged! I ‘ve got a friend up this weekend – I wonder if she’d enjoy some seaweed collecting!

    • J & D > There’s something really special about a fine (or at least dry) winter afternoon on the beach amongst the shore birds, getting some exercise with a purpose to it. Unless the seaweed is already very rotten, the smell is of the sea. And there’s something really satisfying about bringing back home something that’s fundamentally, profoundly good, costs nothing other than the labour in winning it, and with the promise of more goodness to come. And there’s always next year to look forward to, too! We agree about the kelp : it may be free, but we can afford to wait and be picky. A mixture of seaweeds is ideal, and then a few ribbons of kep are fine : but we always snap off the ‘bones’ and leave those on the beach!

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