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  2. For us it feels like we’re coming home. That first glimpse you get of Carrick as you cross the causeway is magical. We miss it when we’re not there and really look forward to our next trip. A very special place.

  3. It’s stunning! And hopefully your guests remind you of that by their reactions when you get to meet them. That’s certainly how it works here. No one arrives at our house without commenting on the view and it reminds us every time of how lucky we are 🙂

    • J & D > It may surprise you, Sandra, to learn that a significant proportion of our guests don’t seem to like to have any contact with us at all: they seem to avoid us, and if they see us, well they pretend not to have, or make it seem that they have better things to do than exchange anything more than a ‘good morning’ with us. That’s why we, genuinely, wonder what our guests do actually think when they arrive.

      • Yes that does surprise me! Whilst I wouldn’t want the owners hanging around 24/7, it’s always nice to meet them at least at the start of the holiday. Breaks the ice should there be need for contact over a small problem, an opportunity to get the local knowledge – and a chance to praise the stunning setting! I can’t imagine anyone failing to be awestruck by that view. (Unless of course it’s pouring with rain…. blowing a gale…. 😉 )

        • D > We’re not actually around 24/7 – our own home at the walled garden is 3 1/2 miles away: J is at the croft (and therefore Carrick) each morning for an hour so whilst he feeds the animals. Mostly his movements are out of sight from the house. Hardly intrusive!

          • Absolutely not! Well for what it’s worth, I’ve just been drooling over the Blue House. It looks wonderful, inside and out. Maybe one day we’ll come to stay – and I’ll be sure to praise the view and speak to Jonathan every day! 😀

  4. Wow– that is gorgeous! All the colors and textures in the land, sea, and air. Are you tempted to make that home rather than guest quarters?

    • J & D > No. Our own house is not so architecturally well designed, or have as good views, but it has the garden that feeds us, and that would be impossible at Carrick. The surrounding croft is very exposed, and is for agriculture, not horticulture.

    • J > Well that certainly is true. Because not only is the vision three-dimensional, there’s movement, there’s the constantly changing weather, the scents of the sea, the wild flowers, the call of the birds and sheep …

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