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Forgotten Final Flurry — 9 Comments

  1. That indigo shade is very beautiful. Nice to have something that looks like summer on the cold grey days ☺️

  2. What lovely evenly dyed yarns! The indigo dyed yarn is really bright. And so many skeins everywhere. I love the handwoven scarves! Do you weave them on a rigid heddle loom?

    I love all the pictures! The cats make me laugh, they are so like my own kitties. I think the fruits look delicious. The handspun yarns are beautiful as always. You are both exceptional spinners.

    • J > You’re very kind! The scarves could be woven on a rigid-heddle loom, but in fact we have a big floor loom. I’ve just realized that we only rarely show the loom in photos, so I’ll suggest to Denise that next time she’s weaving we can take some photos.

      • I would love to see pictures of work in progress on your floor loom! Being a weaver myself, I am naturally interested in what other weavers are creating.

        Do you weave up much of your handspun yarns? I am sure they would look quite beautiful woven into something to wear.

        • D > Hand-spun yarns are relatively difficult to weave with because they are soft and relatively loosely spun. As warps handspun yarns are susceptible to damage from the abrasion and tension passing through the loom, and may be. (They can be made more durable, but few would want to pay for something that was priced for expensive hand-crafting, but was coarse.) Nonetheless I do generally make some each year – typically a scarf or stole plain-woven, but using a yarn that will provide the interest. When I next make something like, we’ll be sure to post about it!

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