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  1. So sorry! How disappointing for you. No easy solution is right. Our children must live the lives they want, and sometimes—oftentimes in Maine—that involves moving away. Because we live on a shoe-string budget, we cannot travel. Fortunately, our New York daughter comes home four times a year and usually stays a week each time. Unfortunately, our North Carolina daughter comes home only once a year. Sigh.

  2. Boy, was this a timely post! My son and his family are now living in the western part of the country. Opportunities to see them and our precious little 18 month old granddaughter, Violet, are somewhat infrequent. Every couple of months but requires flying here and there. Of course, like yourselves, we have a farm and nursery to run and much work that keeps us home-bound. This is the the reality and you are so thoughtful to remind us of those times when families and loved ones parted (back in the day) and when communication was very limited. Luckily, we do see this little trio every two months, sometimes flying them here, back home to Maine, where they can see both sides of their family and their friends. But, little ones sure do grow quickly and the everyday changes we miss. Dang! Life surely is accepting ‘what is’ and appreciating the same. Thanks for the thoughtful post!

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