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Fotoless Friday : Neither Wet, Nor Windy — 12 Comments

  1. This nearly made me cry – hope she is doing well with the other sheep. Uh, just read your update in the comments – glad she is settling in.

    • J > I’m glad that I was able to convey the anguish we feel at this stage. The way we manage the transition to independence has evolved through experience and compassion. I’m just back now from the croft, taking a bottle of warm milk for Windy. She wasn,’t waiting for me – I had to call her. Once she’s emptied the bottle, I walk around a bit with her until she gets bored and stops by another lamb – and then I just continue quietly walking away. The intention is to help her learn to rely on the flock – to belong. It can be hard, but they never completely forget the love we give. I’ll soon be posting something that shows what that means!

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  3. It’s always difficult to know when to leave those bottle babies out with the others full time. It sounds like Windy has made the transition well!

  4. Wow–this is beautifully written. I know you are doing everything right for Windy . . . and I know I couldn’t do it.

  5. Jonathan > Next morning: Windy is found amongst other lambs and ewes: if anything I’d say there’s Primrose – last year’s bottle-baby – keeping an eye on her. Windy came up to me, quietly, and waited for me to offer her the bottle. Primrose stood by, licking her lips – re-discovering her infant years through the taste of memories. Milk gone, Windy stood quietly as I walked away. At the gate, I looked back – she’d merged back with the other lambs. Contentment.

  6. I told you – you are a storyteller and a poet! Beautiful story of Windy and the process of letting go of that stage. Was honored to be a part of it.

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