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Fotoless Friday : The Mousetrap — 6 Comments

    • Believe me, I really don’t like setting traps or anything like that. D and I are tolerant of so-called ‘vermin’, ‘predators’ and such like – they all have a right to life, and integral to the wholeness and wonder of life. Unfortunately humans have created an additional set of rules at odds with nature, and some of those are very difficult to challenge.

  1. Ha, oh my! I was preparing to remark on not knowing that mice have a fondness for snickers slices but now I know the outcome I can safely say I shall not be leaving any such slices anywhere in the house. We are already a mecca for slugs when the weather turns damp. I’m not going to waste a smidgen of snickers on our slippery slimey house guests!

    • Rodents love protein – and carbohydrate. That’s why they will grab any opportunity to sneak into the feed store. Unfortunately they don’t just eat – they ‘contaminate’ everything, and by law we have to prevent this, as the feed is going into the food chain. Surrounded by so much ideal food, the bait has to be even more attractive, and let me assure you, both rats and mice LOVE Snickers and the like – also Mars, Bounty. They simply cannot resist! Slugs have very similar preferences and can do even more damage to animal feeds – they can make holes in quite tough plastic bags.

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